Today is indeed the day the Lord has made, and I am rejoicing and extremely glad in it. I hope you can feel my excitement as I type! This has got to be the most excited I’ve been about celebrating my birthday, well, except my parents can prove I was more ecstatic on my first or second birthday! Lol.

I present to you UNEVEN, my debut book that took not nine months but two years to birth.

If you haven’t followed my sneak peaks nor WATCHED THE TRAILER, Uneven tells the journey of a 28 year old God-believing African-American male with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, overcoming a grave loss amidst his challenging everyday life, and pursuing a romantic relationship.

Uneven is so much more than just a juicy read, as it stems from the nudge to remind every reader, even if you are exploring Christianity, of God’s unfailing love for us through faith and hope.

And honestly, the closer I got to the conclusion, the more the doubts and hurdles the enemy tried to plant. But I decided that was the proof I needed to birth Uneven, and I was going ahead howbeit afraid. I should mention I wasn’t less afraid instantly, I just fueled up my courage instead. For each time an event tried to thwart the progress of the project, I reminded myself it was beyond me to begin with. Like Philippians 1:6 says, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

So, enough already about behind the scenes right? More to come at the book launch and meet & greet events. I am looking forward to all your questions! (Click on the links below to register and set reminders to attend your preferred event)

Just before I sign off, a few people have asked me ‘so, what’s next?’ And the answer is the same as it was yesterday and a month ago: It’s still unclear.

As far as I know, my publishing journey can be likened to that of a child learning to walk before running. I will continue to reach out to mentors, publishers, and other experienced authors, to build on my skills, and to help guide my planning for the best next move. But what I won’t do is give up or give in. When I started journaling, obviously God knew the end, I did not, and still don’t. But after the last full stop of the script, a whole new journey of growth and perseverance started. So with that, I know releasing my debut can only mean the work has just begun.

Thank you for sharing this with me. Please be kind to drop your reviews as you read Uneven and gift your loved ones their own copies.