Expert Storyteller In 4 Steps

I have had some people ask me about storytelling, and I thought to share this simple four-steps framework with you as well. And this applies to both corporate brands and if you are in publishing.

A Customer/Character: Find and define your target audience/lead character for your story. What does the character want from life or is trying to achieve? Make the target customer/character the center of the story.

Their problem/An inciting incidence: Identify what hurdle(s) the character needs to cross to get what they want? What challenges do your customers face that is hindering them from achieving their goal(s)? For fictional literature, a writer typically throws these in as the inciting incidences that happen to the character.

The solution/Guide: For the corporate world or non-fiction literature, this is where you as the storyteller, position yourself as the credible solution or needed guide to help the customer/character (and usually, the reader now sees themselves in the character). Visuals and clear ‘call to actions’ also happen at this step. For fictional literature, and depending on the genre/category, the character is presented with possible sources of solutions that could help overcome their challenges. However, they do not have to take them on, but it helps a reader know the character has the opportunity to be a hero.

Achieve success/The resolve: Lastly, not every literature has a happy ending, but they do come to a conclusion, based off from their series of decisions. As a strategist in business, this is when you show the now hero of your story, what success looks like at the end of their journey with you.

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