Brand Positioning: Supercharge Your Fashion Business in 2023


One obvious fact about the business world is that any brand that releases a product or service without carrying out enough consumer research is likely to produce goods that fail to appeal to its target market. And if a company’s product and/or service doesn’t appeal to its main customer base, performance will surely suffer, if not completely stop. Yet, even though effective market research would’ve easily avoided this unfortunate incident, it has led to the failure of numerous products in the market.

Frankly, Marketing research is an expensive procedure, but it’s the only way for you to understand customers and their affinity towards certain brands. But, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency, that has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today, brings us this invaluable information that’s sure to supercharge your fashion business in 2023.

Every business owner, including you, should be aware that choosing the right brand positioning strategy is an integral part of creating or rebranding your business, as it’ll greatly influence how customers interact with and view your fashion brand.

To make your brand positioning strategy a success, you must pick an engaging voice that connects with your target audience, and presents your company’s services to them in an unforgettable way. The right tone can help you create the appropriate brand image that’ll attract customers to your brand. But to get the right tone and retain a place for your brand in your customers’ minds, you’ll have to customize your branding elements to match the desires of your target market.

Building a distinctive brand for your company will help you stand out in the crowded fashion market and attract more customers in 2023. And to do all this, you’d need a firm understanding of your target audience. This is where this research becomes most essential.


Squadhelp performed an extensive study to discover how buyers react to brands that go with modern and imaginative brand tones vs. those that utilize conventional and historical ones. And separated the data gathered into several age groups to further highlight our conclusions. “Why” you ask? To help streamline the procedure and make it easier to decide what would work best for your target market It is especially useful when selecting compelling fashion brand names ideas because your fashion business relies heavily on how your products and brand look and feels to clients.

The survey’s results from the 301 respondents weren’t astonishing, but the responses received were nonetheless interesting:

In contrast to older customers, who were more inclined to support businesses with traditional tones, younger consumers (ages 25–34) were much more likely to be drawn to companies with a fresh contemporary tone.

Customers between the ages of 35 and 45 were equally committed to modern and innovative companies. Considering how closely the findings were to each other, it is obvious that this group is drawn to companies with both traditional and modern characteristics.

The study found that clients between the ages of 45 and 54 choose reputable, long-standing companies.

Customers between 55 and 65 are particularly fond of seasoned businesses.

The survey found that men don’t appear to favor traditional or contemporary businesses.

Women, however, choose established businesses over new, creative ones.

47.5% of the 301 respondents preferred cutting-edge, creative businesses, while 52% selected well-known, conventional ones.


The findings of this study show that you can make the most out of your business by presenting your fashion brand in either a historical or modern manner, depending solely on the interests of your target market. And even with understanding and having data on defining our target audience, a brand needs to maintain a consistent tone of voice. Building a strong brand identity for your fashion brand will require time, expertise, and work. As you develop your business plan, marketing strategies, and brand identity, consider these survey results and use them to create a strong, consistent tone for your fashion brand.


Stock Images from unplash & pexel