I had cause to speak to a few people and businesses this past month and the root challenge was the inability to define their brand, hence my decision to share with you as well.

Obviously, there are a lot more resources on this, but this straightforward summary is what has helped me thus far.

Asides from a logo or slogan, a brand does four major thing for you as an individual or for your business:

  • Makes you and/or your business recognizable
  • Builds a reputation for you and your business
  • Builds a connection with your audience
  • Transforms you and your business into a trusted source

In determining your brand, you need to answer the WHY, HOW and WHAT questions.

WHY: Why do you and/or your business exist? What are your values and purpose as a business or an individual? What do you want to achieve ultimately?

WHAT: What makes you special? What are you most knowledgeable and passionate about? What unique product or service are you promising? What are your beliefs and point of difference compared to others?

HOW: Your behavior as a business/individual. How do you deliver your services? How would you communicate your message/values to your target audience, or address/attend to your clients and people generally? Your Tone of voice?

All the best in creating or re-defining your personal and business brand. Feel free to let me know how that goes.

Credit: Stock Images from the internet