Both men and women like to look stylish and follow the latest fashion trends. It’s a known fact though that women have more options when it comes to accessories to accentuate their wardrobe and today, I have picked my PASHMINA because it is practical yet stylish.

‘Pashmina’ is terminology that refers to wool, and any product that is a by-product of the wool. It is an indigenous word for cashmere and it has its origin across the Himalayan region. It’s worn mainly in three different ways: as a head wrap, it can be wrapped around the upper body and can also be wrapped around the lower body…each category in different styles.

A Pashmina is without a doubt one of the simplest yet chicest of accessories because it adds a finishing touch across the globe. It can also be a standpoint, being the focal point of an outfit, for example, sharing a bright, coral scarf with an all-black dress. A small sized one can make a boring handbag look glamorous and trendy.

Frankly, sometimes it is hard to feel fashion inspiration when you have to wake up early and endure a long commute for the 8am to 5pm routine. To add to that, it is rainy season: mostly wet, sometimes cold too. I thought to try out 3 simple yet elegant pashmina styles that any woman could put together without a lot of effort! 

– A neck warmer (looped to the front)
– A head wrap (though rocking this may be dependent on one’s office culture, the function at hand, religion and/or beliefs
– As a poncho (held in place with my belt)

…and while we are at it, YES, Men also wear pashminas. The stylish ones anyway *wink*

So for the professional and classy working woman that still wants to be chic and trendy in her environment, or the girl boss on the go who wants to add a pop of colour to her confident, sleek outfit or perhaps the intern who is always on the go, constantly crossing between work and play in evenings shades, the next time you want to add glamour to your outfit, try adding a pashmina. And when you to figure out which style of wearing it would make you stunning and gorgeous yet still as functional, do return to share…

PHOTO CREDIT: @tuyiphotography EDITS: @tiwaadetoye [Male Images from google]