Why would anyone seek a life coach? I’ll tell you 8 reasons I found for myself:

  1. I wanted to make a career transition but was unsure how to go about it
  2. I was finding it hard to achieve some goals I had been aiming at
  3. I felt insecure
  4. I wanted to start my own business and was afraid to do so
  5. I wanted to be more of a risk-taker
  6. Switching from a career lady to working/stay at home mom wasn’t as easy
  7. I wanted to build my capacity as a business manager through effective customer service
  8. I wanted to be a more confident and inspired professional

Perhaps all, some, or a few of my reasons apply to you as well, let’s chat.  I’ve been there and with God on our side, you also will testify. CHEERS

Why would you seek a life coach or mentor? Civilized comments are always welcome.

Photo Credit: UNSPLASH.COM