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Title: Uneven

Author: T.A. Tieri

ISBN: 979-88-1179-1750

Page Count: 244 pages

Trim & Format: 5.5″X8.5″ Paperback

Genre: Contemporary Christian Fiction

Category: Adult

Available in eBook and Paper back print


At twenty-eight, gorgeous-looking and God-believing Bradley Madison seems normal from the outside, but he has had to walk a very different and challenging path every day of his life to be the man he is. And when all seems to finally fall in place, the clouds go dark again, and time stands still. Because of the one secret he omitted by choice, the one person he longs to be with may not be riding out the waves with him. His best friend cannot help him because of the deception he never meant. He comes to the delayed crossroad and is forced to face his fears or risk starting all over.

Headstrong and smart Melanie Reed could not be happier about how her life has taken a turn for good. She’s an orphan who’s finally learned the concept of love but still struggles to accept it. Her dreams are fast becoming a reality—until she learns she may have traded her heart too soon and to the wrong man. Then she learns that her best friend is fast drowning again.

Enjoy the journey of faith, hope, and love.


6 reviews for UNEVEN BY T.A. TIERI

  1. AA

    It can be difficult for fictional literature to pick a sensitive topic like Autism and factually depict common challenges while offering hope and still being fun to read. Uneven excelled in all three aspects! A well-researched and excellently written piece, one can easily relate to the characters, smile at the conversations and glow with belief at the end. Totally recommended – Kudos to the author!

  2. Jen

    Brilliant Story! Highly recommended.

  3. Me

    I loved it so much I ordered a copy for a friend with a 5yr old daughter with ADHD

  4. Campell

    I found this book so captivating that I couldn’t put it down! I felt as though I was friends with the characters and when the book ended, actually missed them. I really hope that there will be a sequel. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

  5. A.A

    Uneven is a beautifully written story of hope, love, and friendship. A reminder that we are all just trying to navigate life, the best way we know how; with God, with our goals, with our “disabilities”, with our fashion sense or even our blind determination. Lovely read, you can’t help but fall in love with the characters as you experience their emotions.

  6. tiwaadetoye

    “A beautiful story about daring to believe in your dreams and the unlimited blessings God has for us regardless of what you’ve been through. A must read!” — Marshawn Evans Daniels, The Godfidence® Coach, Best-Selling Author, believe BIGGER

    “T.A. Tieri’s Uneven is anything but—this novel is an elegant meditation on asymmetry in our relationships with others, ourselves, and our world.” — Molly McGinnis, featured writer in the Grace and Gravity literary series

    “In Uneven, T.A Tieri weaves together the universal threads of love, heartbreak, possibility, and growth.” — Afua Osei, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Forbes 20 youngest power women in Africa, 2014

    “This book shows us that the same God over all, is rich to all that trust Him and depend on Him. You can’t help but love Bradley. You feel his struggle, cry along in his pain, and rejoice in the hope that it will turn out right at the end.” — Abimbola Davids, Co-Pastor, GIC Nigeria, Speaker, Author and President & founder of The women of worth foundation.

    “Uneven is a riveting story that teaches the values of trust, faith, and perseverance.” — Omolara Cole, Fashion Business Entrepreneur, Nigeria

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